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           The earth has a delicate eco-system. It's balance depends on an interlinked cycle of various activities. The environment comprises upon non living habitat that is the air, water and soil etc.

            Various types of animals and plants including human-beings, aquatic life, micro-organisms are interdepent on each others. The green plants are the producers.

            The animals as consumers survive on them. Plants provide us with food, shelter, clothing and also clean air. They also articulate rain fall and climate. Therefor, if the greenery is destroyed, it would disturb the whole food chain and the balance in the environment

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           Unfortunately, short sighted and indiscriminate industrialization, deforestation, automation and artificial ways of life have polluted and damaged the environment in the recent past. There is a need to protect our environment by adopting an approach for development and the life-styles which are compatible with the nature. 

            The non living things of the enviroment which consist of land, rivers, oceans, lakes, air, minerals etc. Provide us resources and a suitable habitat. these are complimentary to living things and are necessary for their survival. 

             Vegetation and forests regulate climate and environment. For example, growth of plants depends upon the quality of soil, water and air. As such, it is essential that all care is taken to maintain environmental balance and protect it from pollution.

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