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                 Holi is a festival of colours joy and fun. It is one of the most popular festival of india. it marks the beginning of a new season. The farmers begin to make preparations of reap their crops. According to indian calendar holi is celebrated on full moon night of the month falgun.

             Holi symbolises the dawn of a new era and victory of good over evil. It is named after holika, the sister of king hiranya kashyap , who was a non-believer in God. His son Prahalad was a devotee of God. His father Hiranya Kashyap did nit like the ways of his son. He tried to kill him. Ultimately he asked his sister to take Prahalad in her lap and sit in a burning pyre. In his Holika was burnt but nothing happened to Prahlad. 
            This is popular legend which is said to be the basis of the fastival of Holi.

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              Holi is celebrated all over the country. In the previous night, bonfires are lighted. People Worship, sign and dance around the bonfire. On the day of holi people assemble and visit their nears and clears. People enbrace each other and forgive and forget any difference they might have had.

              They play with colours and put gulal, red coloured powder on the foreheads and faces of each other. Sweets are distributed. Noisy and colourfull processions are taken out.

              People dance on the beat of drum. They share jokes, poetry, songs and enjoy music and dances. Children use colour filled balloons, buckets and water pumps to throw colours on others. It is a day filled with fun and frolic, colours and humour.

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