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                    Health is considered next only to character in the matter of importance. It has been rightly said, "If health is lost, something is lost". But that something is of most significance. We know quite well. "A sound mind lives in a sound body." In other words, physical health is essential even for mental health and balance and equipoise.

                     Unfortunately, there are many people who do not give much importance to health. Even some book worns give much attention to studies but have no regard for their health. They are busy reading the books. They have certain crammed texts at their finger tips but they lack true and intelligent concentration. They can top the list of candidates in a written examination but finally, they become physically weak and prove a failure in their lives.

                    It is for this reason that proper attention to sports, physical exercise and diet must be given from the very beginning. Children must be taught to get up early in the morning and observe rules of cleanliness like regular brushing of teeth, daily bath, cutting of nails etc. Proper nourishing diet must be taken at appropriate time.

                    In the school, games and exercises must be made compul- sory. Smoking is bad for health so it should be avoided by stu- dents. Whereas the young people need a lot of nourishing diet such as fat, protein and carbohydrates, the elderly people should avoid fatty and heavy meals. Excess of spices, chillies, fried things and sweets should be avoided in all cases.

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                    Humour is also essential for attaining happiness and health. It is important that one should stay in company of jolly-go-lucky fellow and should read humorous books. Children should also be advised not to sit too close to he television which might put a great strain on their eyes. Similarly, they should be advised to do yoga exercise.

                    Exercise should also be taken according to one's age and capacity. Whereas the young may take strenuous exercises, the elderly men must satisfy themselves only with the light exercise or just a walk. Exercises at gyms and health centres are also good for health, but excess of exercise is also bad. Strenuous exercise on empty stomach or in case of some cardiac or other such disease should be avoided. If for any reason, one cannot go outdoors, jogging may be done in one's home.

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