* Environmental pollution *

Introduction :-  

                           Science and industry have made human life easier, healthier and happier.  But these have also brought about the problem of pollution.  

Problem of Pollution on Environment text image

Today, pollution has assumed so gigan - tic proportions that the very existençe of human life is in jeopardy.  If pollution continues to in- crease unchecked, that day is not far when life would become difficult;  if not impossible on the earth.   

Man, A Pollutant :-

                               Man is however, pollut- ing the environment by various acts, we cut trees to make houses and roads.  We dispose waste materials into rivers.  Our vehicles pollute the at-mosphere with toxic gases.  Vehicles and machines produce a lot of noise.

Nature as an Anti-Pollutant :- 

                                                 Nature has its ways of clearing the toxic materials from that environment, but it has a limit.  We have crossed that limit.  So, the problems of pollution have be- come severe.  

Diseases Spread by Pollution :-

                                                     Cities pol- lute air.  This causes respiratory diseases.  The water of river is polluted.  It contains chemical waste and disease germs.  So, there are water borne diseases.  The high noise in cities causes deafness and mental tension. 

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Awareness to Solve Problem :-

                                                    It is a good thing that we have become aware of this prob- lem.  Now, there is restriction of cutting trees or polluting the rivers.  The factories and mills must be created outside the cities.  Vehicles should be tuned to produce less smoke.  Dirty things should not be allowed to mix in water.  The vehicles should be compelled to produce little sound and there should be complete ban on nuclear tests: The anti-pollution laws are being made by our government and people have become aware of the problem.  It is a global problem.  Agencies like the UNO and other bodies are trying to make people awareness of the problem.  

Conclusion :-

                       We can solve this problem only by making combined efforts.  We must leave the future generations a cleaner and greener world.

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