*Importance of Trees / Forest*

    “ Fauna and Flora is a part and parcel of our earthly life. ” 

Introduction :

                        From old days man and trees have lived in harmony . We depend on them as they depend on us . In fact , the animals can ' t live | if there are no plants . Let us see how plants and | trees are useful to us.

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Benefits of trees :

                              Trees give us wood . This wood is used as fuel . It is also used for building houses and boats . Wood is the raw material for paper and rayon.
       Trees and plants make starch by photosyn- thesis. This starch is the food of all grass eating animals. It is also the main food for human be- ing; our demand for meat is also indirectly ful- filled by plants.
       Trees give out water vapour. This cools the air. It is helpful in causing rains. Also, they bind the soil fast and stop the erosion of soil.
       We get many herbs and medicines from plants. Uses of Tulsi, Neem, Amla etc. are well known. They also purify the air by taking carbon- dioxide and releasing oxygen to the atmosphere.
        Forests also provide food and shelter to vari- ous birds and animals which make our earth such a beautiful place. 

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Cause of destruction :

                                       Unfortunately, our growing population needs lots of space and so trees have been cut down mercilessly. Forests are destroyed to make roads, dams and mines. 

Conclusion : 

                      Thus, trees play an important role in our life. Its time to think seriously about this. It is the crying need of the hour to plant more and more trees. Trees are valuable natural re- source. We should conserve them.

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