*The Problem of Unemployment*


                           The problem of unemploy- ment means the problem of joblessness, espe- cially for those who are willing to work, but they are not getting any jobs or employment.  In our country, the problem of unemployment is very acute.  Our country cannot claim to be a "welfare one" unless the problem of unemployment is fully solved.

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             The problem of unemployment means providing work to those who are willing to work. A large number of educated and uneducated people wander here and there without  Any job. So, the problem of unemployment is unwilling joblessness. 

A serious problem:-

                                     the problem has today assumed very gigantic and serious proportion. Thousands of young men and women are com- ing out of schools, colleges and universities ev- éry  year and swelling the ranks of the unemploy- ment. 

Although reliable statistics are not available, yet there is not denying the fact that more and more people are finding it difficult to find the jobs for which they have been trained.

Reason for Unemployment:-

                                                     There are a number of reasons for spread up of unemploy- ment in our country. First and foremost reason of this enormous devil is the high rate of increase in population. It must be the primary objective of our governors  ment to make family planning program a success.  A definite check should be made in the high birth rate. 
            The second main reason of unemployment problem is faulty education system in India.  Our education system provides only theoretical knowledge to the students which does not help them in any manner in their practical life after- wards.  They are mostly like table jobs.  In the present youth, there is an apathy for manual work.  Thus, the present education system should be realistic and job oriented.  

Unemployment and Obstacle in Progress:-

                                                                                 As a matter of fact, our country cannot make any adequate progress and development unless the problem of unemployment linked with growth of population is properly solved.  Many social evils will spread if the persons remain unemployed.  Unrest and disorder are also created in the soci- ety.  It is therefore, imperative on the part of gov- ernment to solve this problem for the adequate progress and prosperity of the country. 

                           The true remedy of unemploy- ment is the rapid development of the various re- sources of the country.  If resources are properly utilized, many new avenues of employment can be opened for the youth of the country.

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