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                                India, the glorious land of saints and seers, is really great. India is my motherland and this is the land where people of all the religions live like brothers. 

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The Hindus worship in their temples and the Muslims worship in their mosques. It is a unique country where we find mutual cooperation amongst the people of different religions.

         The Gurudwaras of the Sikhs are found in every nook We find Churches and Synogogues by and corner of the country. this side in the country. Mother India wears a beautiful crown and this crown is symbolised by the Himalaya where many holy shrines of the saints and seers are located.

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          The Himalaya have been guarding India against invasions from the North. The Ganga, the Yamuna and many other rivers have their origin in the Himalayas and their sacred waters are used for irrigating the vast plains of India. 

India is multi-lingual country. In different states different languages are spoken, but India has got one great ancient culture which unites the people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 

         The holy shrines with their splendid architecture attracts thousands of tourists from abroad. The arts of temple architecture, seulpture, painting, dancing and music form the constituents of India's All these arts flourished in our land and our saints went abroad to great culture.

preach their message of Buddhism had its birth in India and our cultural envoys took peace. the message of the Buddha upto Japan and the Middle East.

          We find the traces of their religion even in the American and European continents. India has always been a land of peace. The father of the nation spread the gospel of peace in other countries of the world. 

India is a land of great martyrs. Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and many others lived in this country. They

        lived and sacrificed their all for the sake of their motherland. It is the land of Pt. Nehru and Mahatma Gandhiji who waged the great freedom struggle here and won freedom for our nation. India was the hub of ancient world culture. My country is over populous, but the food grain output has increased.

         India has progressed much during the post independence period. India stands today as one of the foremost nations of the world. We shall live and work for the uplift of the poor man of our country. We shall raise her prestige in the world. India is a great country. I worship my motherland the great and glorious India.

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