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Karamchand Gandhi , popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi , is called the father of our nation.

He was born on october 2, 1869 at porbandar in gujrat. His father was the diwan of rajkot. His mother was an ideal lady.
After passing matriculation he was sent to england to study law. He returned as a barrister and started his practic at Mumbai.

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An indian firm called him to south Africa for legal advice. His political life began there. He fought for the uplift of the indians in South Africa with his unique weapons of truth and non-violence until general smats had to come to terms with him.

On his return to india he took up the case of india's freedom on the same lines. He asked the british rules to quit india in 1942 and won freedom for india in 1947. during this period he went to jail several times.

Alas! a man shot him dead on 30th january,1948 when he was going for his evening prayer. 

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