*Population Problem in India*

Introduction :

                       Since Independence, we have been facing many problems. They are challenges to us. As a developing nation, problem of popu- lation is one of them. The population of our coun- try is increasing day by day. 

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Our population to- day is above 100 crores, second to China. It is growing at a rate of 2% p.a. This is our greatest headache. Industrialization has given rise to many other problems like food added pollution prob- lem to the rapid increase of population.

 Insanitation and rapid increase in some areas have only added to this problem giving it a more severe look. Today, it seems that this situation has gone out of our hands.

Causes for the Growth of Population : 

                                                               There are various causes for the growth of popu- lation. The main cause of problem is that the people do not realize that a large illiteracy is a problem. Also, better medical facilities have brought death-rate down. Child mortality has also come down. Child marriages and marriage at an early age also add to the problem.

Result of Over population :

                                            The problem can be felt everywhere. Our schools, colleges and hospitals are overcrowded, so are buses and trains. Public services find impossible to cope-up with this load. Unemployment is also one of the better results of the problem. This breeds frustration and anger among the youths. Crimes and anti-social activities are on an increase.

Orthodox Thoughts of Population :

                                                             Indians were basically orthodox in their outlook and regarded birth control as a sin, but today due to rapid development of education and scientific knowledge, the traditional outlook is fast chang- ing, but still we have miles to go before any defi- nite solution can be found. Unless our villages are not made literate, all scientific development will continue to become meaningless. 

Active Role of Smt. Indira Gandhi : 

                                                           Under the leadership of Smt. Indira Gandhi, a number of programmes had been launched to tackle the situation. The marriage age of the girls was increased to 18 years and child marriages were banned.

 Spread of education also helped in in- creasing the age of marriages for girls or boys alike. Family planning education programmes were launched and popularized. This enlightened people towards their moral responsibility, they owed to the country. 

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Family Planning, Right Method to Check Population:

                                                                                          Family planning is the only right method to control and check the growing popu- lation. If family planning is properly introduced in the rural area, it will solve many social and economic problems. 

The government has intro- duced a number of schemes to educate people in this direction. Family planning units have been opened at the Block and Tehsil levels and they are being supervised and controlled by the District Hospitals or the government hospitals run at the Tehsil level. We hope that we would be able to control and check the growth of population by adopting family planning. 

Conclusion :

                      We all must work at it. It is a serious problem and we can't progress unless it is effectively solved.


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