*Essay On My Computer in English*

Introduction :

                        A computer is an electronic device for storing and analysing information fed into it for calculating, or for controlling machines automatically. In other words, we can say that a computer is an electronic machine that can be supplied with a programme. 

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It can store and re- call information and perform various functions, so we can say that the computer is the gift of the 20th century. In 1947, India got Independence and the world got the first computer called Electronic Delayed Storage and Calculation (EDSAC).

Use of computer in daily life : 

                                                  We find a number of uses of computer in our daily life. A computer can make calculations much faster and more accurately than human brain. Computers are used largely in business, educational institutions, banks, industrial concerns and other public and private sectors of all countries of the world. A computer is a time saving device for all who want to use it. 

Types of computers :

                                     There are several types of computers such as, mainframe, micro com- puter, mini computer, personal and home com- puter. A "mainframe" is the largest and most pow- erful type of computer. A "micro computer" is used specially in the home, in school, in bank businessmen. In the same way, a 'mini computer is larger than a personal computer. A personal computer is fairly a small computer for personal or business use.

Advantages of computers :

                                            There are a num- ber of advantages of  computers. As regards,  the quantitative advantages are given below :

(i) Increasing computing speed. 
(ii) Reducing size. 
(iii) Reducing energy consumption and 
(iv) Reducing cost.

         These trends come in the field of computers, through the automobile industry since 1960. In addition to the advantages given above, we also find the qualitative advantages which are very significant. Man has also tried to overcome basic limitations of life. We have been able to amplify human intelligence by the use of computer.

Conclusion :

                        The development of computer technology is at present, in its fourth generation where it has witnessed many breakthrough. It has made computer smaller, cheaper, more efficient and, more friendly to the user and easier to main- tain. We hope that India will be fully computer- ised in the years to come.


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