*My Future plans in life*

            My Future plans in life Every man is entitled to dream and my dream is to enjoy a peaceful life, this depends largely upon my choice of profession.

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 Many times I plan to become some important person in life, but then when I see their real state of life, their tensions and turmoil, I change my outlook.

        A well-planned life is like a ship that is guided to its shore without damage and an unplanned life is like a ship, that must crash into a rock, therefore aim in life is essential as education is to mind or food to our body.

 For a successful life, a well-selected career is important, infact career should never be thrust upon anyone, for it will ruin his/her life.  

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       In some countries, intelligence tests are conducted only with an aim to help students to blossom to their fullest extent.

 Though in India, choice of a right profession is a difficult job mainly due to poverty, unfavorable social conditions and to some extent politics, as a result many capable and intelligent young boys and girls not in clerical jobs or petty work. 

       My desire in life is to serve my motherland by giving my services as a teacher. I believe that a teacher does a very noble work by building the future of a nation through youngsters.

 A teacher can inspire his students to achieve highest goal in life. I am working very hard in this aspect and hope to achieve my set goal successfully. I pray to God to bless me with fulfillment in achieving my ambition in life.

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