A Journey By Train

                  A journey by train is a pleasant experience. three years back, I went to Raipur by train to see my aunt there. I do not forget the sweet memory of that journey. My brother took me to Raipur.

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                   My brother and I arrived at the uslapur railway station at 6:30 A.M. We had bedding and a suitcase with us. A link train was standing on the platform. My brother took me to a second class compartment and asked me to sit there. He placed the suitcase and bedding on a bunk and went to buy tickets for us.

               I sat near a window and began to look out. The station platform was full of passengers in a short time and the small compartment was soon packed up with ladies and gentleman. My brother returned with two tickets and just at 6.45 A.M. the train started for bilaspur.

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                From the window where I was sitting, I saw the trees, fields, farmers, nature and many other things quickly slide past me. After stopping at every station for a minute or two the train at last reached bilaspur at about 8:25 A.M.

                We got down from this train and crossed over to the other side of the station building. Another train was waiting there with the engine puffing off huge column of black smoke. People with huge luggage were rushing towards it in large number.

 My brother  asked me to follow him closely. We boarded a second class com- partment. It too was soon packed to the full of passengers.

                 At 9.30 A.M. the train started for Lumding. I some how managed to get a seat near a window and began to look at things along the railway track. The train gradually began to enter the bilaspur Hills and to my great delight and wonder.

 I found myself in the midst of grand beauties of nature. On the left of the line was a high hill reaching the sky and on the right was flowing the Jatinga river with its crystal clear water. Even the fishes swimming in the river were clearly visible from the train.

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