Essay on 'India of My dream' in English

Introduction :

                         India is is a great country having a great past. Her civilization is quite ancient. Unfortunately, she went through a long period of slavery. Today, she is an independent country. 

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Progress After Independence :

                                                  India got Independence on 15th August, 1947, since then adequate progress and developments have been brought about in the country. This process of change has been found in all walks of life.
       Our young, dynamic and energetic P.M. Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi had dreamt India to be a land, that is, not only politically strong, but economically too well established and the same. Dream can be easily seen dancing in the eyes of every Indian youngster. Our scientists have led the coun- try to fame and placed her with any other scientifically developed nation. We have earned a big name in the non-aligned countries of the world. 

Role of Government in Progress : 

                                                        Government of India has launched an ambitious plan to take our country a step further towards progress. Though we have failed in certain regions like controlling the rate of population growth and eradication of poverty, but still we have not lost hope and determination and one day we are sure to conquer these obstacles.

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Success in different fields : 

                                             Today, India has achieved self-sufficiency and has been successful in bringing green revolution. It has also successfully entered into the world of new technology of internet and computer both in civil section and military section. Today, India commands respect in the field of industrialised nations, her products are demanded far and wide. Education wise also, India has far reached her target and has managed to take literacy door to door through many projects and programmes launched by government and private sectors. 

India of My Dreams : 

                                    In India of my dreams, there will be no poverty. With hard work, we will make her rich and strong. No nation will be able to force us in doing something we don't want to.    The prosperity will come from hard work. A nation can never progress, if her people are always fighting. 
          The economic life of the people of this country would be sound by the turn of the century. The per capita income would be increased. People will have good standard of life, people will not follow old methods of agriculture. India at the end of this century, will be economically and politically sound. The country will not be divided by religious and provincial matters. In this dream country, the poor will have equal opportunities with the rich. There will be no privileged classes.

Conclusion :  

                       As regards India of my dreams, we wish that our country should be able to raise its head with pride and dignity before the whole world. We wish that our country should lead the world on the path of peace, love and brotherhood.

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