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                                    The small big man Sachin Tendulkar is the Bombay bomber. He was born at Mumbai on 24th April 1973. He is my favourite player.

          Sachin is naturally shy. He is soft spoken. He is a gentle mannered person. When he answer questions, his voice envoys an endearing emotion. When he smiles, his eyes light up. Despite his fame, his boyeshness is undeniable like the other biggest celebrities. Sachin also indulges in cracking jokes.

          Appearance could be deceptive. One need not be tall and burly to steal a enrich over others. There is a streak of similarity between the soccer legend Digo Maradana and the cricket super star Sachin Tendulkar Both are short, stocky and curly haired. 

          Sachin is such a keen student of the games that he will have learnt to read the game situation better and make the best use of all the resources at his disposal.

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          The foreign media prepared a Dream team of the world cup. Sachin is the only one Indian cricketer to find a pride of place in the team. The Sachin wave have hit the shores of every country where cricket makes he addines. The dream writers say "Tendulkar, who made his internal debut 14 years ago at 16, is a right handler. He blunds the text book with calculated power.

         While the other celebrities have their reserves, Sachin has none to compare himself with the world's most explosive batsman. Sanath Jayasurya of Srilanka has reserve in Saeed Anwar of Pakistan. Mark Waugh of Australia has a reserve in Gary Kristan of South Africa etc.

        Sachin Tendulkar won the Man of the Tournament Award for his extraordinary performance during ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, hosted jointly by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

        Sachin, a thorough gentleman, has become a role model for. the youth through his impecable behaviour on and off the field. And now, we are assured that with the genius of Sachin around, we would be holding our heads high. He is not just the richest of the cricketers but most richly rewarding player to watch as well.

        There have. been great batsman in the past and thus are same at present also. But one thing is sure, no one is equal to Sachin. No one measures up to the powers and techniques of Sachin Tendulkar, the supreme batsman. Even after such outstanding achievements, he rises more runs for the country.

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