Essay On The Brahamaputra River 

                                           The Brahamaputra happens to be the mightiest of all rivers flowing through Assam. The great river having its spring on the distant Himalayas runs through the plains and hills of Assam before losing itself in the ocean.

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          The name suggests that the mighty river is fanciond as a son of Brahma, the supreme creature. River Brahmaputra in calm weather with a calm flow of currents is the life of Assam. Large ships loaded with plenty of merchandise sail over its waters and the river provides the most effective trade channel.

           Prosperous cities and towns have spring up on the banks of it and their prosperity is largely due to the help by the river. Trade and business, the vital stream of life cannot flourish without navigable rivers. 

           The water of the Brahmaputra fertilises the lands near the bank and help in increasing the crops. It is indeed a grand sight that many ship and many boat float on its surface. 

           The Brahamaputra is however not an anxied blessing. The mighty river is often in spate (flood) during heavy rains and then it becomes a terror. Banks are dangerously eroded, large chunks of land go down into the water, cities and towns flooded, ships and boats wrecks in number. As rain in Assam are frequent, the Brahmaputra threatens to be destructive. 

          Often Governments both at the centre and at the state are worried over the matters. The Governments are trying different means check the rushing flow of waters into towns, cities and all adjacent areas. The great river however appears to defy all human labours and engineering skill. 

          Newspapers reports bring to us tarrying accounts of the loss of crops and human lives affected by the Brahmaputra. We feel that stranger measures are necessary to arts and mightily rivers. It requires foreign experts to tackle the problem and long term measures should be taken to save life and property.

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