Essay on  'A Good Citizens' in English

                        Citizen is one of the most commonly used word in a democracy. A citizen is a person who enjoys rights and performs her duties in a state. Every Indian living in India is not citizen. To live in India does not make a person citizen. A citizen is one who is a member of the state and took part in the process of making government.

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       A person who is ruled by laws but has no political rights, is not a citizen. The term eitizen was linked with the rise of democracy. Where one has political rights, the right to vote and the right to participate in decision making on important questions, that one is a citizen. 

       In 1789 the word 'citizen' became popular after the French revolution. It was said, "All citizens are equal. They have equal rights." A good citizen is one who is conscious of both rights and duties. For instance, the right to vote is one of our most important rights and it is our duty also to exercise the right to vote. does not vote she or he cannot be considered a good citizen though otherwise she or he may be a good person. Good citizen should not only be conscious of their own rights alone, but also give the government what is its due. They should obey laws that are made by the legislature and pay taxes. These are their duties towards the If a person government. 

        But they must also perform their duties to other citizens. And the most important duties of every citizen is to respect the right of other. Other constitution gives everyone the right to practise one's religion. Every religion should practise religion in her/his own way; but in doing so one must respect the right of other citizens to practise their religion in the way they like. 

         The qualities of good citizens must, therefore, include a consciousness of their own rights, tolerance for others and a respect for laws. A democratic state particularly depends on the quality of its citizens. If citizens do not take interest in politics, a democratic state might also gradually become undemocratic. Conversely, democracy can be strengthened, if the citizens have a clear view of their own rights and the rights of others. It means that they know the demand what they can claim from the government.

        They also know what the Government can claim from them. The quality of democracy inmproves if the citizens from all walks of life take part in its activities with interest. A good citizen is always loyal. He is loyal to the President, because he stands for all that is best in the laws of his country. A good citizens is also devoted to his country. He thinks that as his parents gave him a natural life, so he owes his civic life to his country.

           He, therefore, calls his country his motherland and is ready to lay down even his life for her sake. A good citizen always respects the law of his country. He obeys all the laws of the land. He goes even further, he does not keep the law himself, but is the enemy of all those who break the law. He has no sympathy for thieves, criminals and cheats. He will assist the police against all those who are dishonest and a source of danger to the public. 

           He is therefore, always ready to put down crime and help the guardians of law in arresting criminals. A good citizen always takes an interest in the welfare of his He has a vote, and he wants it not to further his ovwn interests country. or those of the party he belongs to but to help his country as a whole. He is always ready to help forward good causes. He is most active when illiteracy is to be removed, or when the sanitation of the town is to be improved, or when a dishonest person is to be punished. 

       If a school is to be opened a dispute is to be ended a disease is to be checked, a road is to be built or any other work of public utility is to be taken up, he is most energetic and helpful. In this way a good citizen believes in co-operation with other citizens for the common good. He feels that the members of a community are like the different limbs of a body.

The head thinks for the hand, the hand works for the belly and the belly supplies nourishment to all. Similarly, all the members of a community work for the common good. It is not easy to be good a citizen because a good citizen has to conquer his selfishness. A good citizen cares more for his duties that is what he can do for the country.


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